About Us

Back in the day!

I started KB Cycles back in 2013 as I am passionate about BMX racing. I wanted to have available products that I would personally ride or use myself and not just cookie-cutter items.

We are the sole New Zealand dealer for the awsome TNT Bicycles Products from the USA and Gunslinger Bicycles, also a made in USA brand.

We are also the New Zealand dealer for the Red Rocket Frames made in Russia.

One of our main goals is to ensure the support of New Zealand BMX riders. To this extent we have two New Zealand teams -  TNT NZ Factory team and the KBR Factory Outlaw team.

I have been involved in BMX, since 1979 when I first raced my Healing HMX500 in Rotorua, New Zealand and compteted at the 1984 World Champs where I placed 8th in the 15 expert class.

I have been a former factory rider for Morrison Super X, Supersport and Mongoose during the 1980's and was a past national champion.

We are not a 'supermarket' bike shop, we will never be a 50% off place to visit- but we offer you the best racing products you can find.

We also offer specialist race bike builds, so contact me with the details of what you would like to ride and we will build it for you!  






Kevin Brinsden