• BOX Vector Cranks

    Witness the next revolution in BMX crank design. The Vector crank is the world’s first BMX crank with a 35-millimeter bottom bracket spindle, making them about as stiff a bicycle crank as you can get anywhere, period.

    Besides an innovative SRAM®-style PF30 bottom bracket that boosts bearing longevity and stiffness, Vector cranks also have hollow-forged arms. Hollow forging results in hollow crank arms that are stiffer and lighter than any solid crank.

    The fully CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy PF30 (Press Fit 30) bottom bracket is fitted with precision sealed bearings for smooth free-spinning pedaling performance.

    Vector cranks are available in black with laser-etched graphics and a pewter anodized bottom bracket in 175, 177.5. and 180 lengths.

    Vector cranks only fit frames with PF30 bottom bracket shells.

    175: 743 grams/26.2 ounces w/o BB; 882 grams/31.1 ounces w/BB

    180: 752 grams/26.5 ounces w/w BB; 890 grams/31.4 ounces w/BB

  • Promax Hollow Crank

    The HF-2 cranks are Promax’s top-of-the-line crank offering. Hollow-forged from 6061-T6 aluminum, both crank arms are hollow so they are super stiff, yet lightweight. The crank arms spin on a beefy 24-millimeter spindle permanently fitted into the drive-side arm.

    With a 104-millimeter BCD four-bolt spider, they come in a variety for beautiful anodized finishes.

    Available in anodized red, blue, gold and matte black with laser-etched graphics in 170-, 175- and 180-millimeter lengths. Bottom bracket sold separately.